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A Brief History

French supercar manufacturer Bugatti were founded in 1909 by Italian born designer Ettore Bugatti. Bugatti enjoyed many racing successes in the 1920s and 30s, including two Le Mans wins and victory at the first ever Monaco Grand Prix in 1929. Early road cars were luxurious and extravagant, the most famous of which, the `Bugatti Royale`, is a highly sought after collectors piece.

Following Ettore's death in 1947, the Bugatti company went into slow decline, cumulating in closure in the early 1950s. Thankfully the Bugatti marque was resurrected in 1987 when Italian businessman Romano Artioli formed Bugatti Automobili S.p.A. Developed by former Lamborghini men Stanzani and Gandini, the new company's first supercar, the EB110, was launched in 1992 featuring a quad turbo V12 for 200mph+ performance. Sadly the company folded in 1995 due to turbulent financial times.

The brand was reborn again in 1998 with the acquisition of the Bugatti name by the Volkswagen group. VW went on to produce several concepts including the EB118 and Chiron prototypes. However their greatest achievement was the 2005 creation of what many consider to be the greatest supercar of them all, the mighty 1000bhp Veyron. Performance was taken to another league with a 254mph top speed and blistering acceleration. The Veyron Supersport followed with it's record breaking 268mph max in 2010.

With the financial clout of VW and a 1500bhp Veyron successor in the pipeline, the future of the Bugatti marque seems assured.

Gallery Selection

EB110 GT

EB110 Supersport

Chiron Concept


Veyron Grandsport

Veyron Supersport

Veyron Vitesse





* selected models

EB110 GT (91-95) 
EB110 Supersport (92-95) 
Veyron (05-11) 
Veyron Grandsport (09-15) 
Veyron Supersport (10-11) 
Veyron Vitesse (11-15) 
Chiron (16-     ) 
Chiron Concept (1999) 
Track Only 
Largest Engine 
Veyron (7993 cc) 
Most Powerful 
Chiron (1479 bhp) 
Best Power to Weight 
Chiron (753 bhp/ton) 
Fastest Speed 
Veyron Supersport (268 mph) 
Best 0-60mph 
Chiron (2.3 sec) 
Most Expensive 
Chiron (£1900000) 
EB110 GT (£190000) 
Highest Rating 
Chiron (#120 with 75%) 
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Bugatti official site 
Bugatti owners club 


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