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Supercar Quiz

Well done to all those in the final Top 10 table below. A new quiz will appear here in the near future.


Quiz Top 10 Table

1Jake Brightman  15 
2joe ward  15 
3Tegran Brown  15 
4Da Dogg  15 
5michael1  15 
6ben-j  15 
7Taurus  15 
8fazapulscha  15 
9mc willlll  15 
10Roxanne  15 

1. Who was the first man to break the 200mph land speed record barrier?
   Answer : Henry Segrave

2. What is the literal translation of the Swedish supercar manufacturer 'Koenigsegg'?
   Answer : Knifes Edge

3. Which is the fastest ever British supercar from 0-60mph?
   Answer : Ultima GTR 720

4. Which car holds the 'London' speed record?
   Answer : Mercedes SLR McLaren

5. Which manufacturer's flagship saloon offers 'Drive Assist', which will automatically apply the brakes if you get too close to the car in front?
   Answer : Mercedes

6. Which decade saw the world's first automatic transmission car?
   Answer : 1930s

7. What does it mean if a road car is homologated?
   Answer : Enough have been made to satisfy racing regulations

8. Which is the European car of the year for 2006?
   Answer : Renault Clio

9. Where would you find the Kyalami racing circuit?
   Answer : South Africa

10. Which was the world's first fibre glass bodied road car?
   Answer : Chevrolet Corvette

The identities of the cars in the photos below were :-

1.  Caparo T1

2.  Noble M15

3.  Lamborghini Gallardo


4.  Bugatti Veyron

5.  Saleen S7




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