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There were 13 matches to your search for TVR cars
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Limited edition composite roadster was one of the fastest cars of the 1980s
TVR Cerbera

Hirsute V8 supercar was the fastest of it's day but struggled with reliability
TVR Cerbera Speed 12

With two conjoined Speed 6 engines, the Speed 12 was megafast but undriveable
TVR Chimaera

More practical version of the Griffith was TVRs biggest seller of the day


TVR Griffith

Beautiful Griffith had modern style and massive grunt but home made feel
TVR Sagaris

Hard edged road racer was the last car from TVR and certainly the best
TVR T350

Coupe version of Tamora was launched at the 2002 British Motor Show
TVR Taimar Turbo

The Taimar was the first British turbocharged road car and ironically TVR's last


TVR Tamora

The Tamora was a lightweight downsized Griffith from the Blackpool based TVR
TVR Tuscan

Gorgeous Tuscan was too soft without the optional 'Red Rose' handling package
TVR Tuscan II

Revamped series II Tuscan failed to address TVR's niggling reliability issues
TVR Tuscan S

Standard TVR Tuscan was boosted by 40bhp for rocketship acceleration


TVR Typhon

Superfast Typhon was a commercial flop due to handling and reliability problems




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