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Supercar Trumps

Take a minute to read through the game details below and fill out the player name(s)

  • Supercar Trumps is a 1 or 2 player game consisting of 32 cards with each card having five items of information on a particular supercar - top speed, 0-60mph, power, engine capacity and weight. Players choose which item they think will beat their opponents card. Whoever has the best value wins then goes again (highest speed, power or capacity win; lowest 0-60mph or weight win). Drawn values are carried over to the next go. The game ends when one player has all the cards.

  • To begin, choose the set of cards you want to play with (Supercars, Concepts or Classics) then enter your player name. If you want to play against another opponent enter their name in the Player 2 box, otherwise leave it blank to play against the computer. Press 'Play' when you are ready to begin.

Card Set

Player Name

Player 2 Name


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