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  AC Cobra 427  (1965 - 1967)


The legendary Cobra was first conceived when ex-racer Carroll Shelby saw the benefits of combining a powerful American V8 with a lightweight European chassis. And so in 1965, with Ford's backing, the company's 7 litre V8 was shoe horned into a British AC sports car to produce the brutal Cobra 427. Performance was simply phenomenal. For a 1960's car to accelerate to 100mph in 10 seconds was unbelievable, and indeed would not be bettered for over 20 years.

The production run of the 356 hand built Cobras came to an end in 1967 when Ford decided to concentrate on their new GT, the Mustang. However, the legend live on through the myriad of kit car replicas available to this day.

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Metric   Imperial

Body Convertible
2 Door, 2 Seat
Layout Front Engine,
Rear Drive
Gearbox 4 Speed Manual

Top Speed
160 mph 
0 - 30 mph
0 - 60 mph
4.2 sec 
0 - 100 mph
10.2 sec 
0 - 124 mph
0 - 186 mph
30 - 70 mph
Standing qtr Mile
60 - 0 mph
0 - 100 - 0 mph
Lateral Accn  
Fuel Cons

New Price (UK) £n/a
Used Price (UK) £110000 - £190000

Cylinders V8  
427 in3 
Max Power
485 bhp @6500rpm 
Max Torque
480 lb/ft @3700rpm 
Power to Weight
429 bhp/ton 
Torque to Weight
425 lbft/ton 
Specific Output 69 bhp/litre 
Bore x Stroke
2530 lbs 
Drag Cd  
Wheels (F/R)
Tyres (F/R)
Fuel Capacity
Fuel Type (UK) 4 Star Leaded 

Category Rating 1 Money No Object 2 Costed Rating 3 Bargain Rating 4
Ranks 449 of 451 Ranks 329 of 451 Ranks 432 of 451 Ranks 399 of 451

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