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  Mercedes SLK55 AMG Black
2006 - 2008
Mercedes SLK55 AMG Black
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Mercedes SLK55 AMG Black Mercedes SLK55 AMG Black

Metric   Imperial
Class Trackfocused
Body 2 Door 2 Seat
Layout Front Engine
Rear Drive
Transmission 7 Speed Automatic
Number Built  
Type Conventional
Details V8
332 in3 
Max Power
394 bhp @5750rpm 
Max Torque
383 lb/ft @3750rpm 
Power to Weight
268 bhp/ton 
Torque to Weight
260 lbft/ton 
Specific Output 72 bhp/litre 
Bore x Stroke
Fuel Cons
23 mpg 
Top Speed
174 mph 
0 - 30 mph
0 - 60 mph
4.4 sec 
0 - 100 mph
0 - 124 mph
0 - 186 mph
30 - 70 mph
Standing qtr Mile
60 - 0 mph
0 - 100 - 0 mph
Ring Lap Time  
Lateral Accn  
Drag Cd  
3296 lbs 
Wheels (F/R) 8.5 X 19
9.5 X 19 
Tyres (F/R) 235/35 19
265/35 19 
Fuel Capacity
Pricing (2016)
New Price £n/a
Used Price £40000 - £50000

The SLK55 AMG 'Black' represents the first in the line of Mercedes' new drivers specials. Mercedes ethos for the 'Black' edition is a more track oriented, faster, rawer driving experience with an even more aggressive stance than the 'basic' SLK AMG. Power is up by 40bhp, while weight is down by around 40kg. As a result the 0-60mph time drops to 4.4sec, onto a de-restricted 174mph top speed.

The AMG is stripped of it's electric roof, to be replaced with an appropriate black carbonfibre fixed unit. Recaro racing seats are fitted as is a muscular bodykit to complete the look.

The upshot is a slightly faster, better handling sports car, but for a hefty 26k premium - a 50% markup on the SLK55 AMG! It would be hard to justify such a premium even if the 'Black' were the epitome of executive sportscar handling, which it isn't.

Overall Rating Money No Object Bargain Rating BHP/ (x1000)
76% 76% 10% 9
Ranks 115 of 771 Ranks 203 of 771 Ranks 118 of 771 Ranks 198 of 771

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(355 bhp)

SLK55 AMG Black

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