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  Ferrari California T
2015 - date
Ferrari California T
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Ferrari California T Ferrari California T Ferrari California T Ferrari California T Ferrari California T Ferrari California T Ferrari California T Ferrari California T Ferrari California T Ferrari California T

Metric   Imperial
Class GT
Body 2 Door 2 Seat
Layout Front Engine
Rear Drive
Transmission 7 Speed Dual Clutch
Number Built  
Type Conventional
Details Twin Turbo V8
235 in3 
Max Power
552 bhp @7500rpm 
Max Torque
557 lb/ft @4750rpm 
Power to Weight
312 bhp/ton 
Torque to Weight
315 lbft/ton 
Specific Output 143 bhp/litre 
Bore x Stroke
Fuel Cons
27 mpg 
Emissions 250 g/Km Co2 
Top Speed
196 mph 
0 - 30 mph
0 - 60 mph
3.4 sec 
0 - 100 mph
7.2 sec 
0 - 124 mph
11.0 sec 
0 - 186 mph
29.0 sec 
30 - 70 mph
Standing qtr Mile
11.4sec @127mph 
60 - 0 mph
97 ft 
0 - 100 - 0 mph
Ring Lap Time  
Lateral Accn  
Drag Cd  
179.9 in 
75.2 in 
52.0 in 
3966 lbs 
Wheels (F/R) 8 X 19
10 X 19 
Tyres (F/R) 245/40 YR19
285/40 YR19 
Fuel Capacity
Pricing (2016)
New Price £150000
Used Price £145000 - £170000

The California T swaps normally aspirated V8 with a twin-turbocharged unit releasing a further 70bhp, but perhaps at the cost of the aural delights that the V8 used to bring. However, this is the way that most supercar manufactures are going in an effort to keep pace with regulations and improve efficiency. In the California T it has certainly paid dividends, with a combined 27mpg from a car that reaches 60mph from rest in under 3.5 seconds.

The interior has been modernised and Ferrari state that almost all the body panels are new, despite looking near identical to its predecessor. Handling also benefits from stiffer suspension and a tighter rack. Price remains around the same at 150k, but expensive options can push this up at an alarming rate.

Overall Rating Money No Object Bargain Rating BHP/ (x1000)
73% 76% 2% 4
Ranks 265 of 771 Ranks 218 of 771 Ranks 381 of 771 Ranks 372 of 771

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