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  Ferrari 599 XX
2009 - 2012
Ferrari 599 XX
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Ferrari 599 XX Ferrari 599 XX Ferrari 599 XX Ferrari 599 XX

Metric   Imperial
Class Trackonly
Body 2 Door 2 Seat
Layout Front Engine
Rear Drive
Transmission 6 Speed Semi Auto
Number Built 29 
Type Conventional
Details V12
366 in3 
Max Power
740 bhp @9000rpm 
Max Torque
516 lb/ft @6500rpm 
Power to Weight
494 bhp/ton 
Torque to Weight
345 lbft/ton 
Specific Output 123 bhp/litre 
Bore x Stroke
Fuel Cons
Top Speed
196 mph 
0 - 30 mph
0 - 60 mph
2.8 sec 
0 - 100 mph
0 - 124 mph
0 - 186 mph
30 - 70 mph
Standing qtr Mile
60 - 0 mph
0 - 100 - 0 mph
Ring Lap Time 6 min 58 sec 
Lateral Accn  
Drag Cd  
188.6 in 
77.6 in 
50.4 in 
3353 lbs 
Wheels (F/R) 11 X 19
12 X 19 
Tyres (F/R)
Fuel Capacity
19.8 gal 
Pricing (2016)
New Price £n/a
Used Price £1500000 - £1500000

The Ferrari 599XX is a track only beast based on the 599 GTB road car, pitched to potential wealthy owners as a testbed for future Ferrari technology!

The standard 599's 611bhp is increased to around 720bhp (or 740bhp in the 'Evo' version) coming in at the screaming 9000rpm red line. The use of carbon fibre composites help reduce weight by 600 lbs (only the roof and windscreen of the donor 599 GTB remain), while aerodynamic addenda help create 1400 lbs of downforce at 186mph. The 'Evo' adds an active rear wing, which further increases downforce for unbelievable cornering speeds. The result is a 75 second lap of Fiorano and a sub 7 minute lap of the Ring.

Just 33 XXs were produced including 6 original 'Evos' and some upgraded to 'Evo' spec) at a trifiling $1.5 million. Cynics may say it is a blazen cash grabbing exercise by Ferrari, but we suspect none of the 29 super rich owners realy care!

Overall Rating Money No Object Bargain Rating BHP/ (x1000)
% % %
Ranks of 771 Ranks of 771 Ranks of 771 Ranks of 771

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599 XX

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