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Best Buys

Here are our recommendations on the best new or used supercar buys in a variety of price categories below. They may not be the cheapest but their quality is such that they offer the best value for money. Just click on the car name or picture to see more details.


£5k     £10k     £15k     £25k     £50k     £75k     £100k     £150k     £250k     £500k+

Subaru Impreza Turbo   Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo   BMW M635Csi
The Impreza Turbo has become a cult figure, bringing supercar performance and rally car handling to the masses at incredible prices. Now over 10 years old, early Turbos can be had for just £5k, even special editions like the RB5 are now well under the £10k mark. Rarely does a sportscar offer so much for so little. Just £3000 gets you rapid turbo performance (155mph and 0-100mph in just 14 sec), Ferrari looks and surprising 4-seat practicality with a decent boot. Go for the 20v Turbo with leather and air con - you won't regret it! It may have celebrated it's 20th birthday but the M635Csi still has the class to make it a very tempting alternative to today's humdrum saloons. Around £7k is all you need for nearly 300bhp, 160mph, electric everything and leather lined luxury, not forgetting the cachet of the "M" badge.



Toyota Supra   Lotus Elise   Jaguar XJR (Mk VI)
Nothing comes close the the Supra's performance at this money. The twin-turbo version dispatches 60mph in 5 sec and 100mph just 7 seconds later. Handling is great, looks are superb and reliability is legendary. A decent Turbo will cost around £8k with non-turbos from just £5k. With the introduction of the S2, prices of original S1 Elises are finally dropping to sensible levels. £10000 is all it takes to get your hands on one of the best handling convertibles around. The plus points (fun handling, 35mpg economy) far outweigh any lingering reliability issues.  Bought new, the XJR was a depreciation nightmare for it's owners, but their loss is your gain. Around £10k gets you leather lined luxury with electric everything, not to mention a 370bhp supercharged V8! There is no greater luxury car available for this kind of money.



TVR Griffith   Mitsubishi Evo VIII   Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2
Just £15k puts you behind the wheel of a genuine supercar. The Griffith (especially in 5.0 guise) offers stunning acceleration with one of the best engine notes around. Obviously, you take a gamble with a used TVR, but major issue should have been sorted on Griffiths of this age.  Couple rally car handling with brisk acceleration and the practicality of a four door saloon and you have the legendary Mitsubishi Evo VIII. At £15k the Evo is now half it's original cost, offering stunning value for a car capable of embarrassing exotics many times it's price. While £10k can get you on the bottom rung of the 911 ladder, £15000 is a more reasonable starting point for this iconic  sports car. This budget will find you a 911 Carrera, or stretch a little higher for the  964. You can't be considered a petrol head if you haven't at least driven a 911 ! 



Nissan 350Z   BMW M5 (E39)   Honda NSX
The stylish 350Z is the current pick of the bunch in the competitive hot hatch market. It looks good, handles well and has sprightly performance with 60mph arriving in 5.8 seconds. Best of all, a brand new one is yours for just £24k, if you're prepared to join the queue. Considered by many to be the greatest performance saloon of all time, BMW's legendary M5 is yours for just £25k in E39 form. A 5 litre V8 turns out 400bhp for genuinely rapid acceleration with a 155mph (limited) max, and all of this with seating for five. Simply amazing value. Despite an acclaimed reputation, the NSX was never a commercial success for Honda during it's production years. Now available at a more reasonable £25k, a used NSX looks good value when you consider it's performance, handling and development pedigree.



Ferrari F355   Mercedes SL55 AMG   Lamborghini Diablo
Due to it's unrelenting popularity, prices of the F355 have remained reasonably high. However, £40k now gets you genuinely stunning looks with performance to match, not to mention the greatest badge around. For resale, go for Rosso with Crema but skip the unproven F1 gearbox. It's a luxury cruiser and a 500bhp super car. It's a stylish coupe and at the touch of a button, a super fast convertible. The SL55 is just about the perfect car. Now 6 years old, original SL55s have now fallen into the £50k bracket. Just beware of the un-Mercedes like build quality. For the bravest of the brave, the awesome Lamborghini Diablo can now be yours for the price of a new BMW 5 series. It's as impractical as they come and running costs are astronomical, but a small price to pay for what is one of the last genuinely raw Lamborghinis.



Nissan GTR   Porsche 997 GT3   Ferrari 550 Maranello
There are few newly launched cars that leave the world's motoring press stunned by their ability. The Nissan GTR is such a car. Astounding performance and handling put it's peers in the shade, while comfortably undercutting them on price. Expect to pay a hefty premium! One of the most desirable sports cars of al time, the 997 generation GT3 is simply awesome in so many departments. Handling (of course) but also genuine good looks and relatively practical. Even with a premium, a better buy than hardcore big brother the GT3 RS. Hailed as the true successor to the Daytona, the accomplished 550, which retailed for £150k new, now commands a far more reasonable £70k fee. Looks are debatable but performance is superb and handling better than it's pricey descendant the 575M.



Audi R8   Aston Martin DB9   Lamborghini Gallardo
Audi took the motoring world by storm with the fabulous R8. Looks, performance and amazing handling have created a package to finally rival Porsche's dominance of this market. Even though attracting a £20k premium, the R8 is still a superb bargain at under £100k. What it lacks in outright driver thrills are more than made up by the DB9's beautiful styling. The 450bhp engne offers smooth 190mph performance accompanied by a glorious V12 soundtrack. Spend just £100k and save yourself £60k over the more hardcore but less suave DBS. Having spawned faster and more powerful derivatives, the original Gallardo is still one of most desirable supercars around. Running costs are predictably high (don't ask about the clutch!) but 500bhp and 4 sec 0-60s can be yours from around £80k.



Ferrari 430 Scuderia   Lamborghini Gallardo LP560   Ford GT
The universally acclaimed Scuderia sets new standards for handling and performance Ferrari's. With pin sharp handling and looks, the Scuderia Beats an F40 for acceleration and matches the Enzo around Fiorano. At £150k this could be the ultimate enthusiasts track day tool. Lamborghini have made the already fantastic Gallardo even closer to greatness with the awesome LP560. With stunning good looks and incredibly accessible performance, the LP560 is the class leader despite it's hefty £150k price tag. Retro appeal with modern performance ensured that there was no shortage of takers for the limited run Ford GT. Expect to pay around £150k for this 550bhp mobile work of art, with scope for even more performance from tuning specialists like Roush.



Ferrari 599 GTB   Pagani Zonda C12S   Porsche Carrera GT
With stunning looks, an Enzo engine for mind bending performance and a provenance second to none, the new 599 is one of the most desirable supercars on the planet. Listed at around £200k, you'll need to find a hefty additional premium to beat the inevitable waiting list. With the Zonda, Pagani has produced a supercar capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with it's more famous Italian rivals. Following the introduction of the Zonda 'F', the equally superb C12S has now hit the second hand market from around £200k, a huge saving on new. Unlike many of it's rivals, Porsche didn't limit the Carrera GT to just a handful of examples. Indeed over 1500 were eventually produced. So £250,000 is all that's needed to to own what is considered by some, to be the world's greatest supercar.



Bugatti Veyron   McLaren F1   Ferrari 250GTO
The numbers speak for themselves. 8 litre W16, 1000bhp, 253mph, 0-60mph in 2.4sec. At £1m It may be twice the price of it's rivals but without doubt, the Veyron is worth every penny! It's performance and quality of engineering are peerless. Quite simply the greatest road car ever made! While a million pounds can never be considered a bargain, most enthusiasts will agree that where the 240mph McLaren F1 is concerned, it is value for money. Less than 100 roadgoing F1s were produced keeping used values extremely buoyant. Depreciation will not be a problem! The Ferrari 250GTO is without doubt the ultimate collectable supercar. Just 39 of these road going racers were produced, keeping resale values extremely high. Reputedly selling for £10m during the boom of the 1980's, they are now available for a far more reasonable £2m!