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Best Buys

Newly updated for 2016, here are our recommendations on the best new or used supercar buys in a variety of price categories below. They may not be the cheapest but their quality is such that they offer the best value for money. Just click on the car name or picture to see more details.


£5k     £10k     £15k     £25k     £50k     £75k     £100k     £150k     £250k     £500k     £1m+

Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo   BMW M3 (E36)   Jaguar XJR
Nothing comes close to the Fiat Coupe in terms of bangs for your buck. For under £2000 you get rapid turbo performance (155mph and 0-100mph in just 14 sec), Ferrari(ish) looks and surprising 4-seat practicality with a decent boot. Go for the 20v Turbo with leather and air con. The cachet of a BMW motorsport badge can now be yours for a mere £5000. The E36 M3 Coupe boasted up to 320bhp, had a sub 6 second 0-60mph, and handled like a real sports car - it even comes as a convertible. However, stretch another 3k and the superior E46 M3 comes into reach. For luxury cruising on a budget, look no further than the Jaguar XJR. The mark VI X300 may be 15 years old but most of the old reliability issues had been sorted and it still looks sleek even today. Wood, leather and nearly 400bhp - what's not to like for just £5000!



Porsche 996 Carrera   Lotus Elise   BMW M5 (E39)
Despite recent surges in the price of classic cars, Porsche's 996 can still be found around the £10-12k mark. Not the most beloved of 911s, you still get a 320bhp flat 6, a modern cabin, and Porsche's legendary handling. £10k for a proper Porsche, what are you waiting for! For cheap track day thrills try the £10k Lotus Elise. The series I Elise returned to Lotus' roots of handling through moderate power with light weight. The Elise is basic and a tough prospect as an everyday car, but it's economical (40mpg), cheap to insure and loads of fun. Yes, you really can get the legendary BMW M5 for under £10000. Once touted as the best car in the world, the E39 M5 touched 170mph thanks to a 400bhp V8 and offered handling like no other. A comfortable five seater and a rabid supercar rolled into one. Unbeatable at this price.



Mercedes SL55 AMG   Porsche Cayman   BMW M6
The fabulous Merc SL55 had it all. 500bhp AMG power, stunning looks, comfort and luxury - it even turns into a convertible at the touch of a button. This £100k super coupe is now available for an amazing £15k. There is no better open top supercar for the money. The 10 year old Cayman has now dipped below the £15k mark for the first time. Porsche fans on a budget can now get themselves into one of the best drivers cars around at any price. An 'S' spec Cayman with 300bhp is a match for any 911 (and indeed any sports car) of the era. A BMW M6 for just £15k just doesn't seem possible, but that's all it takes to own this 500bhp super coupe. Faster than a 911 Turbo, the M6 is also the consumate GT with leather lined luxury and every gadget you can think of. Overpriced when new, but now a stunning bargain.



Porsche 996 Turbo   Bentley Continental GT   Toyota GT-86
With so much to choose from around £25k, a car has to stand out to make this list - that car is the Porsche 996 Turbo. Stunning handling and performance made the Turbo just about the fastest real world supercar of it's day. Now from £27k, it should be near the top of anyone's list. With the Bentley Continental GT, you are getting a lot of car for your £30,000. Modern looks, unrivalled luxury and the small matter of a 200mph+ 550bhp twin-turbo W12. Spend a little more for a decent one, then stick on a private plate and cruise around like a millionaire! If you are looking for a brand new sports car, with critically acclaimed handling and driver involvement, look no further than Toyota's GT-86. For well under £25k you will get driving thrills normally associated with cars twice the price. Just 200bhp, but you wouldn't know it.



Audi R8   Alfa Romeo 4C   Aston Martin V8 Vantage
£50k doesn't quite stretch to the V10 R8 (starting at £65k) but the early V8 version of Audi's first supercar is still an excellent buy. 0-60mph takes well under 5 seconds while top speed is a shade under 190mph. Quality is excellent, so none of the usual used supercar reliability worries. Alfa's gorgeous 4C coupe is the junior supercar of the moment. Beautiful looks are coupled with lively performance and fun handling. £52k is the book price for a brand new one, but you are probably looking at at least a £10k premium over that due to the unprecedented demand. The first step onto the modern Aston Martin ladder can be had from just £30k however, budget around the £50k mark for a good example of the V8 Vantage. Perhaps not the class leader it sould have been, but there is something intangible about the Vantage that sets it apart from it's peers.



Lamborghini Gallardo   Ferrari F355   BMW i8
With the introduction of the Huracan, Lamborghini's former 'baby' supercar is now on the market from around £70k. An influx of Audi quality ensures that the 190mph Gallardo doesn't need the same level of caution as when buying an 'old school' Lambo like the Countach or Diablo. A few years ago an F355 could have been yours for a mere £40k, but such is the recent rocketing of classic car prices that it will now cost you double that figure. At this price, there are more modern Ferraris' on offer like the 360 Modena or F430, but the F355 is without doubt the most desirable. In total contrast to the F355 and Gallardo, we have BMW's ultra modern, ultra green i8. For your £80k, the i8 will give you all the performance of the Ferrari and Lambo but at hugely reduced running costs, thanks to it's hybrid powertrain. Without doubt, the i8 is the future of the supercar.



Ultima Evolution   Ferrari 599 GTB   Rolls Royce Phantom
£100,000 may seem ridiculous for what is essentially a kit car, but for what is on offer with the Evoulution, it is a positive bargain. World record acceleration and race car handling are reason enough to buy, but Ultima now offer mainstream levels of quality and equipment to boot. If you yearn for a more traditional type of supercar then they don't come much better than Ferrari's sublime 599 GTB. £100k is at the lower end of the 599 market (£150k is more likely) but either way you will be getting one of the most highly sought after Ferrari's of modern times. At almost £300k new, a Rolls Royce Phantom at under £100k seems positively obscene. Nevertheless, the world's greatest luxury car is now within reach of the wider market, complete with 450bhp V12 and the finest ride possible on four wheels. Down side? Better to be seen in than to drive.



Porsche 997 GT3 RS   Ferrari 458 Italia   McLaren 650S
The greatest drivers car in the Porsche 997 line up has just about doubled in price over the last few years, But even at £150-200k, it still represents excellent value for money. With 991 GT3 RS's currently at an astronomical £250k, this is your best way into the legendary RS driving seat. 458 Italia's have now dipped well under the £150k mark making them a tantalising prospect. The 200mph 458 had the edge on it's rivals from Porsche, Lamborghini and McLaren in both looks and performance. Not quite up to the perfection of the Speciale, but £100k cheaper! £150k actually falls between two McLarens. It's top whack for an MP4-12C but add another £25k and you have access to the the superior 650S. Well worth the difference, the 650S beat the established supercars for pace and, depending on your point of view, for desirability too.



Ferrari 458 Speciale   McLaren 675LT   Lamborghini Countach Qv
Why pay millions for the latest hypercars when you can have the greatest supercar ever made for around £275k. The Ferrari 458 Speciale has everything - looks, performance, handling and desirability. May be outgunned by the turbocharged 488 GTB but remains the purist's choice. The 675LT blows away just about any other supercar you can name, and is close to upstaging it's P1 stablemate. While the official rrp is at £260k, it's current scarcity has pushed values well over the £350k mark. Definitely worth a look once the initial furory has died down. Now 25 years old, the Countach has suddenly become one of the most collectable classics around, particularly in the desirable Qv spec. A few years ago, the purchase price was a mere £50k, but now prices have rocketed to between £250-450k, and show no signs of slowing.



Koenigsegg CCR   Porsche Carrera GT   Hennessey Venom GT
Koenigsegg are now firmly established at the top of the hypercar tree. Their cars consistently outpace the established marques and laterly match them on quality. The CCR represents a good entry point at £500k, with it's relative scarcity ensuring good residuals. Once the world's greatest supercar, Porsche's Carrera GT has seen a recent resurgance in value to around the £500k mark. Considering the rising values of inferior macines, this still represents a wise investment not only financially but from a driver's point of view. Not the most polished hypercar in this list, but certainly one of the most powerful and entertaining. This 1250bhp, 270mph monster smashes world records for fun. So you can now own what is, in reality, the fastest production car in the world for a relatively reasonable £500k.



Pagani Huayra   Ferrari F40   Bugatti Veyron Supersport
In a short space of time, Pagani's reputation for supercar excellence has simply grown and grown. The Huayra is widely acknowledged as the best hypercar around, a fact borne out by the long 2 year waiting list despite an asking price of well over £1million. Universally admired and desired, Ferrari's F40 has achieved legendary status in the supercar world. Just £160k new, values have rocketed to near the £1m pound mark. There may be better financial investments, but none would give you the same smile on your face as the F40. The opposition may have finally caught up, but the Veyron is still considered by many to be the greatest automotive achievement of all time. Still officially the world's fastest supercar at 268mph, the limited edition 1200bhp Supersport is now available for around £1.5m.


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